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Our Hardie fencing Perth is built to withstand Australia's harsh climate. 

Hardie fencing is one of the most popular fencing solutions available in Western Australia for so many reasons like it's easy to install, affordable, and versatile. It doesn't require postshardie fencing perth wa in the ground, making it a great choice if you have sandy soils.

Below we have listed the reasons why homeowners prefer Hardie Fence:  

  • Fast Installation - Hardie Fencing can be installed quite quickly as it does not require ground excavation and it can be easily and carefully installed into any soil. Saving you the time to wait for concrete to dry up.
  • Improves the beauty and price of your home - On top of its stylish look, Hardie Fencing can increase your homes resale value significantly.
  • Safe and Secure - Hardie Fencing can provide safety and security for your home. The strong design is a good deterrent for anyone trying to break in and at the same time since the design doesn’t have sharp edges it is quite safe for your family.
  • Long lasting – Hardie Fencing is designed for Australian environment and is resistant to rust, termites, and even fire.
  • Cost efficient - it is entirely environment-friendly and cost-efficient


When you are looking for the perfect fence you must take a few things into account:

1. Added security and privacy of your home -Our skilled staff install the Hardie fences for a variety of security and privacy needs.

2. Durability of the fences -  When Hardie fences are installed by professionals they will last for decades without falling apart and with minimal maintenance.

3. Reasonable price -  At WA Pro Fencing we offer competitive pricing on all our projects so you can make sure that you are getting the best deal.

4. Style of your home -  The Hardie fences are very adaptable as they can be painted to various colors to match any surroundings. This type of fence also looks stylish on both sides, so your neighbours will be happy too.

5. Suitable for the landscape -  Our professionally installed Hardie fence is an excellent option whether your property is flat or sloped. This system is partly buried in the ground and topped off with metal capping, and the result is a durable, free-standing fence.

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There are a lot of fencing contractors to choose from in WA, so what makes us and our hardiefencing different?

✔ Experience - We've been servicing the Perth metropolitan area for over five years, and we have completed over thousands of installations to date.

✔ Eco-Friendly - HardiFence fencing does not contain asbestos or other corrosive substances and it is pretty safe for the environment. The compact, fibrous layers it obtains are chemically inactive and doesn't drain substances in the surfaces. We aim to provide the highest quality and eco-friendly fence solutions to both residential and commercial clients.

✔ Cost-Effective - We offer the highest quality fence and gates solutions at affordable rates.

✔ Reliable - Whether you need a small residential fence or a massive commercial project completed, we can handle it.  We are easy to deal with and available seven days a week, that means, when you contact us,  we will always get back to you on a timely manner.

✔ Fully Licensed - Our team is fully licensed and insured. Our experience ensures long-lasting fences that require as little maintenance as possible to help save you money in the long run.

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Testimonial: "Highly recommended. I loved what they did to my fence."

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FREE Consultation (Valued at $195)

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We offer a 5-Year warranty on fence installations and materials. Our process, products and completed projects are in line with Australian Standards.


We have over 30 years of combined experience. Not only that, but we also make sure that our team are equipped with the latest technology & training required in fencing installations in line with Australian Standard®.


Your time matters to us and having said that; we do our best to offer No Obligation FREE quotes ten times faster than our competitors. We are available seven days a week - and you can always contact us for professional advice.

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We go above and beyond to make sure that the materials we use are of the highest quality, regardless of the complexity of the project. We use the best products, excellent procedures, and exceptional fixings - because, for us, every Perth homes & businesses deserve to have the best fence.

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Low maintenance and cost efficient fence solution means cost savings. We understand how crucial it is for homeowners to be able to get their dream barrier without hurting the bank. Let us know if you're looking for cost-effective solutions on railings.

We Care

We are customer focused, result driven, and we genuinely care. If you hire us, we will take the time to listen to your concerns and preferences, and then we will explain to you what we need to do to achieve your dream fence without any problem. Rest assured we will work closely with you throughout the process.