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10 Jun 2019

Perth Fencing

The fast-paced world and technology advancement has paved the way for every Perth homes & business to achieve the highest level of comfort, privacy, security and quick access to almost anything.  

With so many companies available around the Perth metro offering services like home improvements, bathroom renovations, new home builds, fencing services, and so many more, whether you admit it or not, at some point, you experience difficulty which company to choose and which service to select. 

For instance, if you want to have your property enclosed with high-quality fencing, you don't want to deal with a company that hasn't made a mark in the industry.  You want to pick the right company or contractors that you can trust and will deliver results you deserve and expect. After all, you'll be using your hard earned money, and you want to spend it wisely.

When it comes to fencing solutions, we at WA Pro Fencing recommends only hardiefence and colorbond fencing not only because of their popularity but for their durability, affordability and flexibility. 

If you haven't made up your mind on which type of fencing to choose for your property, below we have listed the benefits of installing top quality fencing on your home or business. 

1. Determine Property Boundaries 

Privacy and boundary matters in every home and business. While you like seeing your kids, and your neighbourhood moving from your space to theirs and back and forth, time will come that you would like to keep a little bit of your privacy - because you are entitled to it. 

At some point, you might want to sell your home and move somewhere or start a new. When selling a property, sellers get paid per square foot. You want to be paid for the total square feet you own - and your buyer will need to ensure where your property starts and ends. Having a fence that clearly distinguished your entire area will make the selling process ten times easier both to you and your buyer.

2. Reduces Street Noise
If you live near the streets where cars, trucks pass by regularly, installing a fence is a must for you. Solid fencing can absorb and decrease street noise, leaving you with a quiet sanctuary in your yard. Research reveals that a high-quality fence could reduce ambient noise by as much as 6 to 10 decibels. A fence without gaps between planks will incredibly block noise, and this is the best option to have.

Please note, that your fence installation, will determine its capability to swerve noise. Choosing highly experienced and professional fencing contractors is very imperative at this point. And lastly, the type of fence you will select also plays a significant role in filtering noise and other outside elements from coming in your yard. 

3. Prevents Intruders

In 2017, 3.7% of households in Western Australia had an attempted break-in, with a total of 36,400 incidents reported to local authorities. Statistics show that 18.5% of all burglars took place in WA.  These incidents could have been reduced now, but it's still imperative to have your home covered with a fence because after all, you want to protect your family and your possessions. It is your best interest to have your property secured. 

You work very hard to afford comfort, and give the best to your family, seeing them destroyed because burglars or intruders have invaded your place can be very painful. While you might find it expensive to invest in durable and high-quality fencing, it is still the most logical and reasonable options you have. 

These days, having a home without a fence to adequately keep your family secure is not enough. You must ensure that you are fully protected. For you, and your family safety, its best to have your property enclosed with a durable fence you can afford. 

4. Value & Investment
You work hard not to waste your money but to invest into something valuable and long-lasting. Investment is not all about buying properties; in fact, its more about investing for the people that matters to you - your family.

You want to improve the value of your property while keeping your loved ones secure, and getting a good quality fencing is the best choice. Later on, you might consider selling your property, and one of the first thing that your prospective buyer will take into account is how secure your home is.

If you're still in doubt whether you should have your home enclosed with a fence or not, then we hope this article will help you make the right decision. We can help if you need professional advice. If you are ready enough to request a quote click here, or you may call us at  0433 236 795.

31 May 2019

Colorbond Fence

Living in your dream home should not end at the back door of your house. Having the privacy you need to enjoy your yard is something that we all deserve. Putting up a fence is the obvious solution, but what fence? There are a lot of options, but few can compare with the beauty and ease of instalment with colorbond fencing.

Nobody wants to spend a lot of time and money to get a mediocre fence, do they? Not only that, but doesn't everybody want a fence that will last, be durable and be practically maintenance free? Yes, they do! If you have been looking for a fence, then you owe it to yourself to read on.

What is Colorbond Fencing - Colorbond fencing is a type of fencing made from steel, but not just any steel, it is made from colorbond steel. What makes colorbond steel so special is that it is Zincalume steel, which is to say it is coated with a unique blend of zinc and aluminium to make it corrosion resistant. Once these sheets of steel are prepared, they are coated with a colour coating, made just for colorbond fencing, that create the colorbond fence panels. From that point, they can be pressed into many different shapes and styles, most of which make a suitable fence. Colorbond fencing supplies include panels, post, caps, assorted finishing items, and gates where needed, and you have everything for the last fence you'll ever need.

Benefits You Won't Get With Other Fences

Not all steel fencing is created equal or provides as many benefits as colorbond fencing.

It is Simply Beautiful - With other types of fencing, there's usually an ugly side of the fence, which your neighbours may not appreciate if the nasty side is facing their yard. Colorbond fencing is beautiful from every side and angle! To that end, you will find it is easily matched with your home no matter the style. It comes in fourteen colours, one of which is sure to help bring out and enhance the beauty of your home.

It Improves The Security of Your Home - A fence doesn't provide much security if it is easy to climb and see through. Because it is a smooth solid panel with no place to get a foothold, it makes it difficult to climb and impossible to see through. Not only does this fence make it difficult for intruders to get past, but it provides you with a secluded feel for more relaxation.

Keeping you secure and secluded is top notch, but knowing your pets and children won't be able to get out of your yard gives you an extra piece of mind you won't find it just any steel fence.

Durability and Easy to Maintain - The strength comes from over fifty years of testing in some of Australia's harshest environments, making it far more than painted steel.

In all, it has five layers that make it low maintenance, durable, and long-lasting.

  • The steel that is used is manufactured to meet applicable Australian Standards, ensuring adherence to the strength that is required for a durable, long lasting fence.

  • The steel is then coated with an industry-leading metallic coating to provide increased corrosion resistance.

  • Then the coating is pre-treated with a layer to optimise the adhesion of coatings that are applied after.

  • A primer that is a corrosion inhibitor is baked onto the surface.

  • An exterior grade paint that was specially developed for this application is applied. The paint has a solar reflectance technology. The paint is baked on to provide strong adherence. The result is a coating that is resistant to chipping, flaking, and blistering, which ensures the finish retains its good looks longer.

Brush Fire Protection - If you live in an area where brushfires are possible or want to improve the brushfire protection for your home, colorbond steel may help to provide that protection. Research has shown that boundary fencing made of steel provides more excellent protection that alternate fencing materials because it is not combustible.

What separates colorbond fencing from other steel fences is that research has found that pre-painted and metallic coated fencing such as colorbond fencing performed the best in regards to brushfire protection.

How Much Does it Cost - By now, you can see why colorbond fencing is the obvious choice when it comes to privacy, security, and protection of our home. The cost depends on whether you plan to install it yourself or hire a professional, though the price of a professional will vary depending on the specifics of our installation, installation, and complexity. The prices range from $11.00 to $40.00 per meter. Pricing will be affected by the panel size. Other costs to factor into the price are fixings, cement, and caps for the post. If you need a gate, pedestrian gates can cost around $495 installed.

Getting the best pricing is something that we take a gamble on whenever we decide to do a project ourselves. A professional may seem more expensive at the start. Considering the quality of a professionals work, their skill level and willingness to correct any mistakes that would cost you more if you were to make them, can make it worthwhile.

Should You Hire a Professional - Installing colorbond fencing yourself should be the less expensive option. If you are not a professional, however, there may be some techniques that make it easier, that only an expert would know. It is easy to install, but professionals are the best at what they do and will install the colorbond fencing quicker and more efficiently than the average person could. Whether you decide to use a professional or not is up to you, but it does warrant careful consideration on your part.

As for the cost of a professional, typically it is less expensive than having other types of fencing installed because it is easier to install. Generally, depending on your situation, the cost will range from $65 to $100 per meter. If you are having a longer fence installed, there could be price breaks that could lower the cost per meter.

Colorbond Fencing Overview - With a little know-how and the right tools, colorbond fencing is easy to install. Once it has been erected, they require minimal maintenance and are durable and long lasting in the most severe weather. It is versatile and comes in a variety of colours that will enhance the beauty of your home.

If you are looking for a fence, look no further, colorbond is the best fencing hands down. To learn more, contact us today.

14 Mar 2019

Fencing Types

When it comes to your home, finding the perfect balance between a functional and pleasant looking yard can be difficult. It takes time to find the right landscaping techniques to give houses the best look, and picking out a fence adds a whole new layer of difficulty.

There are so many options, and depending on what you want for colour, style, amount of privacy, and security, it can seem like a task to find the perfect one.

At WA Pro Fencing, we help homeowners and business owners get the best fencing solutions available in the market with our large selection of fencing types and our friendly and professional services. Every home and business is entitled of the most secured, durable, strong, and long-lasting fencing solutions - and we are here to provide it.

Our Fencing Services

Australia might be well known for its beautiful array of critters, but when it comes to fences, one of the most important uses is to keep animals, intruders, and even burglars out of one’s yard.

We offer a large selection of fences that provide everything a homeowner could want. With our quotes, we can give price ranges for many different kinds of fences, and our expertise can help you pick the fence that will work best for you.

Whether it’s keeping animals out, keeping prying eyes away, or keeping pets in, there is always a fencing solution. Read on.

  • Colorbond Fencing
  • HardieFencing
  • Aluminium Slat Fencing
  • Tubular Fencing
  • Twin Side Retaining Fences
  • Pool Fencing

Colorbond FencingOne of our most popular fences are the Colorbond fences. These fences are by far one of the most secure of all the fences. While most fences have slots or panels with holes in between them, the Colorbond fence has larger panelling without gaps and is offered in a variety of colours. This fence provides the maximum amount of security and privacy. It keeps onlookers from seeing into yards, as well as it keeps critters and other unwanted guests outside.

The fence also has a unique design, so even though it is the most secure, it still looks good from both sides. Its steel panels allow for easy replacement if ever damaged, and the fence is easy to clean since it has no gaps or crevices.

HardieFencingAnother great product we offer is our HardieFencing. This type of fencing sits partially underneath the soil, for extra security and stability. The metal sheeting is also capped with a metal topper. These fences are designed to work well in sandy soil, so living on the beach side is no longer a reason to not get a fence. Sand can be a deterrent because any fence installed might sink or tip if not installed properly, but HardieFencing puts all those anxieties to rest.

The fence also has an interlocking component, so the fence has no gaps, and it has a consistent pattern all the way around. Installation is no longer a hassle, and no post holes need to be dug beforehand. Many fences require concrete to secure posts before a fence is installed, but HardieFence EasyLock takes less time and uses no concrete. 

Aluminium Slat FencingAre you looking for a modern, fresh look on your house, commercial, or private property in WA?  Then, aluminium slat fencing is the way to go. Aluminium slats have four wood style colours and an option of powder coating, that means, it can go along with any types of designs you want to achieve for your fence. You can use Ali-slats for full fence lines, gates or privacy screens between pillars at the front of your house.

Tubular FencingAnother popular fence is the tubular fence, which comes in aluminium and steel. Customers can get fences fit to any shape and size, and though each project differs, we offer consistent quality to our work. 

Twin Side Retaining FencesTwin Side Retaining fences are also a great option if a homeowner has an old fence that needs to be replaced. Retaining walls can get rotten and dangerous, which allows for animals to slip through, and ends up being a hassle to take down and replace. New Twin Side Retaining walls allow minimal access and can keep bobcats and other outback intruders at bay. The panels have steel posts, so the product is durable and resilient against the elements. The panels come in a few different colours so that even with the given security, you never have to sacrifice your outdoor style. 

Pool FencingMany homeowners spend lots of money on pools that their family can use, but sometimes prying eyes can make a leisurely day in the pool a little unsettling. Putting up a fence around a pool area has many benefits, privacy being one of the most important. Thankfully, Pro Fences offers lots of different kinds of fences, suited to any poolside decor. Homeowners may fear for their poolside, but this company provides fences that homeowners can take pride in. 

In addition to these various fencing types, we provide many services to help make sure every fence is suited to its location. Gates can be custom made to suit any space or need, and we offer a vast selection of locks so that homes can be stylish and secure.

GatesOur gates are custom made. So if you have a design in mind, we can put it to life!  Made from multiple materials our options for custom designed gates are endless. 
What are the types of gate locks available?
  1. Standard D-latch 
  2. Magna Latch
  3. Top of the range Pro Lock with the key access on both sides of the gate
If you're looking for gates experts who are insured, licensed, reliable, and with proven track of records, then contact us today.

Asbestos RemovalHomeowners have many concerns with it comes to renovation and redesign of a house, but when asbestos is discovered it can bring any project to a screeching halt. Thankfully, WA Pro Fencing is licensed and trained to provide removal services. It can be stressful bringing in more and more people to renovate, but with our qualified specialists, Perth, WA homeowners are relieved of the burden of having asbestos removed.

All contaminants will be completely removed, and we diligently work within industry standard, so that all materials are handled safely and efficiently. Over the past five years, WA Pro Fencing has established a professional and environmentally conscious system of getting rid of asbestos problems, while offering removal services that won't destroy the homeowner’s pocketbook.

Free Consultation valued at $195 -  This process helps you choose the right fence for your property. Upon consultation, we will discuss with you the type of fences and which one fits your home or business. Fencing is an investment, and we want to help you choose the best type that will surely serve you, and your family for a long time.

Contact Us for a Free Quote - For tubular, twin side retaining, pool fencing, Hardiefencing and Colorbond fencing, Perth, WA can rely on us. 
As we continue to grow, we remain committed to providing safe, efficient installation, and quality fences that both keep homeowners safe and make their houses look great. 

For expert advice or faster transaction, call us at 0433 236 795.

04 Dec 2018

Colorbond Fence

Before we delve into the benefits of Colorbond® Fencing, let’s start with the basics on the importance of building a fence. Whenever there’s talk about home improvements, setting up a fence is always included in the initial planning. Creating a boundary to ensure privacy, safety, and security is the fundamental purposes of installing a fence around your property, whether it’s commercial or residential.

Therefore it’s one of your obligations as the owner to have enough knowledge of the type of fence your property requires. The issues of the fence’s strongest feature, lifespan, durability, and how much you’re willing to invest should also be taken into serious account prior to making any final decisions.

That's why it's crucial to acquire the assistance of fence installation experts. They can deliver all the professional help you need like more information about each type of fence, assessment, and quotes, expert’s advice and installation. And as the most reliable and excellent quality product, Colorbond Fencing is the best choice that the majority of fencing professionals would recommend to their customers.


✔ Multiple Design & Colour Options - With 14 different colours to choose from, you are sure to create the perfect style. Whether you want to match, coordinate, or complement a specific feature of your home, the versatile palette of this fence will have you covered.

✔ Low Maintenance & Cost Effective - The low maintenance features of our fences make them cheaper in the long run because it eliminates the need to spend money on re-painting, oiling, or even replacement.

✔ Great for Privacy & Security – Our fences don’t have any gaps at all, giving you maximum privacy and security. If you do like adding lattice, post caps, or slats, our products give you the creative freedom to customise the design to your heart’s content.

✔ Built to Last – We ensure that our COLORBOND® fences are built to last through decades, which is why we even offer warranties on our work.

✔ 100% Australian Inspired – All of our fences are inspired by the beautiful landscapes of Australia and are built for the Australian environment.

✔ Customized design- If you have a specific style and design in mind we can customize a fence for your needs.

Our team at WA Pro Fencing are specialists in Colorbond® fencing. We install and supply the topmost quality, cost-effective and long-lasting fences for commercial, industrial, and residential purposes. If you need help in the overall improvement of your home or office in Western Australia, as well as to secure them with a cost-efficient, low-maintenance and customisable fencing solutions, give us a call today at 0433 236 795!