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Pool Fence Ideas for the Australian Summer

Pool Fence Ideas for the Australian Summer
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Nothing can beat having a swimming pool in your backyard to take a dip in during the summer heat. Everyone in Australia dreams of having a swimming pool in their house. One of the important parts of having a swimming pool in your house is the fence around it. This is because water and pool safety is very critical in Australia, especially if there are kids in your household. You need to make sure your pool is the safest for your family.

But safety should not mean boring, so here are some of the best options when it comes to getting a fence for your swimming pool. If you reside in Perth, we can help you build a high quality pool fence. Get in touch with WA Pro Fencing at 0433 236 795.


Perhaps the most common type of pool fencing, powder coated aluminium fencing is available in a wide variety of styles, from loop tops to ornate finial designs, and a massive range of colours. It is lightweight and not very expensive, making it an easy option to install with just one individual involved, and not many specialist tools needed. If you manage to install it correctly, you’ll require very little maintenance for years to come.

Frameless Glass

Frameless glass is becoming a very popular choice because of its clean look and the fact that it will not obstruct the view of your pool in the backyard makes it a great option. All other types of fences will obstruct some of the view. It is more expensive than other options and will require at least two individuals to install, along with specialist tools. While installing it can be a bit tricky and technical, long term maintenance is fairly minimal, so it’s not a bad investment.

Semi Frameless Glass

This is in between the frameless and the aluminium options. While it is visually less obstructive than aluminium fencing, it is still more obstructive than the super cool frameless option. This is also reflected in its price, making it cheaper than the frameless fencing. Each panel of glass will be supported using rubber wedges with steel, aluminium and even timber posts. The problem with this fencing is that the rubber can get a bit loose over time, affecting the alignment of the glass. Hence, this is a slightly higher maintenance option than the two above.

So, What’s Trending?

I’m seeing most of my customers ask for frameless glass fencing these days. Even though it’s a more expensive option than the traditional powder coated aluminium fencing, it does offer a lot of value in the long run and is also much more aesthetically appealing. You will see that there is very little maintenance required because of no use of small parts and wedges to construct it.

Since more homes are designed these days to merge the outdoor space with the living area, having a view of the pool without any obstructions is a very attractive option.

We do offer free consultation and fast quotes so get in touch if you’re thinking of getting fencing for your swimming pool.

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