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Complete Guide to Colorbond Fencing

Complete Guide to Colorbond Fencing
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Living in your dream home should not end at the back door of your house. Having the privacy you need to enjoy your yard is something that we all deserve. Putting up a fence is the obvious solution, but what fence? There are a lot of options, but few can compare with the beauty and ease of instalment with colorbond fencing.

Nobody wants to spend a lot of time and money to get a mediocre fence, do they? Not only that, but doesn't everybody want a fence that will last, be durable and be practically maintenance-free? Yes, they do! If you have been looking for a fence, then you owe it to yourself to read on.

What is Colorbond Fencing - Colorbond fencing is a type of fencing made from steel, but not just any steel, it is made from colorbond steel. What makes colorbond steel so special is that it is Zincalume steel, which is to say it is coated with a unique blend of zinc and aluminium to make it corrosion resistant. Once these sheets of steel are prepared, they are coated with a colour coating, made just for colorbond fencing, that create the colorbond fence panels. From that point, they can be pressed into many different shapes and styles, most of which make a suitable fence. Colorbond fencing supplies include panels, post, caps, assorted finishing items, and gates where needed, and you have everything for the last fence you'll ever need.

Benefits You Won't Get With Other Fences

Not all steel fencing is created equal or provides as many benefits as colorbond fencing.

It is Simply Beautiful - With other types of fencing, there's usually an ugly side of the fence, which your neighbours may not appreciate if the nasty side is facing their yard. Colorbond fencing is beautiful from every side and angle! To that end, you will find it is easily matched with your home no matter the style. It comes in fourteen colours, one of which is sure to help bring out and enhance the beauty of your home.

It Improves The Security of Your Home - A fence doesn't provide much security if it is easy to climb and see-through. Because it is a smooth solid panel with no place to get a foothold, it makes it difficult to climb and impossible to see through. Not only does this fence make it difficult for intruders to get past, but it provides you with a secluded feel for more relaxation.

Keeping you secure and secluded is top-notch, but knowing your pets and children won't be able to get out of your yard gives you an extra piece of mind you won't find it just any steel fence.

Durability and Easy to Maintain - The strength comes from over fifty years of testing in some of Australia's harshest environments, making it far more than painted steel.

In all, it has five layers that make it low maintenance, durable, and long-lasting.

  • The steel that is used is manufactured to meet applicable Australian Standards, ensuring adherence to the strength that is required for a durable, long-lasting fence.

  • The steel is then coated with an industry-leading metallic coating to provide increased corrosion resistance.

  • Then the coating is pre-treated with a layer to optimise the adhesion of coatings that are applied after.

  • A primer that is a corrosion inhibitor is baked onto the surface.

  • An exterior grade paint that was specially developed for this application is applied. The paint has a solar reflectance technology. The paint is baked on to provide strong adherence. The result is a coating that is resistant to chipping, flaking, and blistering, which ensures the finish retains its good looks longer.

Brush Fire Protection - If you live in an area where brushfires are possible or want to improve the brushfire protection for your home, colorbond steel may help to provide that protection. Research has shown that boundary fencing made of steel provides more excellent protection that alternate fencing materials because it is not combustible.

What separates colorbond fencing from other steel fences is that research has found that pre-painted and metallic coated fencing such as colorbond fencing performed the best in regards to brushfire protection.

How Much Does it Cost - By now, you can see why colorbond fencing is the obvious choice when it comes to privacy, security, and protection of our home. The cost depends on whether you plan to install it yourself or hire a professional, though the price of a professional will vary depending on the specifics of our installation, installation, and complexity. The prices range from $11.00 to $40.00 per meter. Pricing will be affected by the panel size. Other costs to factor into the price are fixings, cement, and caps for the post. If you need a gate, pedestrian gates can cost around $495 installed.

Getting the best pricing is something that we take a gamble on whenever we decide to do a project ourselves. A professional may seem more expensive at the start. Considering the quality of a professionals work, their skill level and willingness to correct any mistakes that would cost you more if you were to make them, can make it worthwhile.

Should You Hire a Professional - Installing colorbond fencing yourself should be the less expensive option. If you are not a professional, however, there may be some techniques that make it easier, that only an expert would know. It is easy to install, but professionals are the best at what they do and will install the colorbond fencing quicker and more efficiently than the average person could. Whether you decide to use a professional or not is up to you, but it does warrant careful consideration on your part.

As for the cost of a professional, typically it is less expensive than having other types of fencing installed because it is easier to install. Generally, depending on your situation, the cost will range from $65 to $100 per meter. If you are having a longer fence installed, there could be price breaks that could lower the cost per meter.

Colorbond Fencing Overview - With a little know-how and the right tools, colorbond fencing is easy to install. Once it has been erected, they require minimal maintenance and are durable and long-lasting in the most severe weather. It is versatile and comes in a variety of colours that will enhance the beauty of your home.

If you are looking for a fence, look no further, colorbond is the best fencing hands down. To learn more, contact us today.